Peter Simm Has Won Cases in 18 Fields of Law


Peter A. Simm has demonstrated his versatility by winning cases spanning 18 areas of law:


01 - Administrative Law & Professional Discipline
02 - Bidding & Public Procurement Law
03 - Civil Procedure
04 - Contract Law
05 - Corporate-Commercial Law
06 - Criminal Law
07 - Debtor-Creditor Law
08 - Employment Law
09 - Law of Equity
10 - Family Law
11 - Health Law
12 - Intellectual Property Law
13 - International Law
14 - Municipal & Planning Law
15 - Real Property Law
16 - Sports Law
17 - Tort Law
18 - Transportation Law


This includes fields where he does not otherwise practice. For example, retained as appellate counsel in Kraft, Simm won a Family Law case in the Ontario Court of Appeal by raising a novel point of law overlooked at trial, vanquishing a Certified Specialist in Family Law.

Despite having zero criminal trial experience, Simm garnered 15 seconds of global notoriety when he successfully acted as defence counsel in a Criminal Code  case, Westgate.  He was retained by 7 men charged with “being nude in a public place” after they had marched down Yonge Street wearing nothing but shoes, observed in broad daylight by thousands of witnesses, including police officers with video cameras. Simm’s written submissions successfully convinced the Regional Senior Crown Attorney to concede that there was “no reasonable prospect of a conviction,” and to withdraw all charges against all 7 accused.