Employment Law



Peter Simm’s cases are cited in 5 leading textbooks on employment law, and in 3 accredited CPD papers.

In a recent employment law case, Machado,   Simm was co-counsel for the successful party on both a crucial motion and the appeal, reported in two hardcover law reports.

Victories were also achieved in 3 other notable unreported judicial decisions: TSI (No. 1)   (co-counsel), Mottillo(drafted Factum), and TSI (No. 2)(drafted Factum on motion, which served as basis for the Factum of the Respondent on Appeal).

In Torrance, Simm was co-counsel for the Defendants in an executive’s wrongful-dismissal case where the Plaintiff sought, among other things, an OBCA oppression remedy and specific performance of stock options. Facing a motion to strike (drafted by Simm), the claims against the individual Defendants were discontinued, including $200K claims for inducing breach of contract. The corporate Defendant ultimately settled for a small fraction of the total quantum claimed, without issuing or transferring any shares to the Plaintiff.


Mottillo v O.E. Canada Inc. 2017 ONSC 3557 per Mitchell J.
TSI (No. 1)  2015 ONSC 1138 per Ricchetti J.
TSI (No. 2) 2016 ONSC 3750 per LeMay J.
Torrance (settled in 2000)