Worldwide Media Reports on Peter A. Simm’s Work As a Lawyer, By Topic


Peter A. Simm’s work as a lawyer is covered in 175 mainstream media reports from around the world. (Click here for map and for media coverage organized geographically.)

Media outlets range from Pravda  to the The Wall Street Journal ,  and from NBC’s “Live With Regis and Kelly” to 2 articles in The Times  of London. Although Simm’s work hasn’t yielded 15 minutes of fame, it has occasionally sparked 15 seconds of notoriety.

Here are 11 news topics on which media have reported about Simm’s work as a lawyer. (Click on a topic for enlargeable images of media reports.)

1.   Simm convinces Crown to withdraw all charges against 7 men who wore only shoes in Pride Parade (2002; 61 reports, incl. 39 international)

2.   Simm convinces Toronto City Council to create Hanlan’s Point clothing-optional zone (“HP CO-zone”) (1999; 61 reports, incl. The Times  of London)

3.   Simm successfully advises group of physicians seeking to oust certain Ontario Medical Association officers (2017, 12 reports)

4.   Simm convinces City solicitor to get police to back off after they harassed skinny-dippers at HP CO-zone (1999; 11 reports, incl. 6 international)

5.   Simm leads successful lobbying effort to have Toronto City Council extend HP CO-zone (2000; 11 reports)

6.   Simm successfully prevents Ontario Racing Commission from imposing proposed fine and license suspension on thoroughbred horse owner Bruno Schickedanz (2011-2013; 6 reports)

7.   Simm successfully convinces Divisional Court to quash ORC ruling against standardbred horse trainer Harry Poulton and to preclude ORC from holding a rehearing (1998-1999; 4 reports)

8.   Simm successfully assists counsel win acquittal for dance club charged with “permitting disorderly conduct” (2000-2002; 4 reports)

9.   Simm leads successful lobbying effort to have Toronto City Council make HP CO-zone permanent (2002; 3 reports)

10.   Ontario Government mandates mediation of non-family civil cases, based on recommendations made in ADR study written by Simm for Ontario Law Reform Commission and Civil Justice Review (1996-1997; report in The Financial Post )

11.  Simm successfully convinces Court to strike multi-million-dollar claims that had been brought against the Moving Parties (Defendants) in complex commercial litigation (1999; report in The Globe & Mail )