Sports Law



Despite his minimal athletic background, Peter A. Simm has surprising Sports Law experience. Cases where he was co-counsel or sole counsel — notably Megens,  Poulton,  and McNamara  — are reported in 15 hardcover law reports, of which 12 were reporting victories. As well, he has a notable unreported judicial decision, and 5 notable tribunal decisions, all of which were successful.

Three legal reference books on sports law cite Simm’s cases, as do 4 law journals .

In Schickedanz,   a thoroughbred horse owner faced a six-month license suspension, which effectively would have prevented any of his 500 horses from racing anywhere in North America. He then retained Simm, who successfully negotiated an Agreed Statement of Facts and Joint Submission on Disposition, which remarkably contained no admission of violating any rule or other wrongdoing, and did not require the licensee to pay a fine nor undergo any actual period of license suspension. The Ontario Racing Commission Panel unanimously ratified this in a formal Ruling.

One of Simm’s Divisional Court victories, Poulton, was the subject of a feature article in The Lawyers Weekly.  There are 9 other media reports about his sports law cases, including 3 in The Globe & Mail  and two in The Toronto Star.



Schickedanz (2011) (Ont. Div.Ct.) (unreported) - interocutory stay
Schickedanz - 5 ORC rulings in 2010 and 2011