Civil Procedure



Peter A. Simm was the sole researcher and primary author of an influential study, “Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Ontario Civil Justice System”, published by the Ontario Law Reform Commission as part of the Civil Justice Review. As noted by the Financial Post,his study’s recommendations were substantially adopted by the Review’s Final Report,  and implemented by Ontario’s then-Attorney General.

Simm’s cases actively engaging issues of civil procedure are reported in 24 hardcover law reports. In each of those, he researched and drafted the Factum, while also serving as co-counsel or sole counsel in 22 of them.

In addition, Simm wrote the factums in 10 notable unreported judicial decisions engaging issues of civil procedure. In 3 of those, he was also co-counsel or sole counsel.

Simm’s cases are cited in 12 civil-procedure textbooks, 3 articles in law journals, and 4 accredited CPD papers. Four of his cases are the subject of reports in media such as The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star,   and The Lawyers Weekly.

The syllabi of 3 university courses have cited Simm’s publications, as have 2 textbooks, 2 legal journal articles, and an accredited CPD paper.




Borg v Pupo (No. 1) (2013) (Ont. Sup.Ct.) (unreported) - motion for partial summary judgment
Borg v Pupo (No. 2) (2014) (Ont. Sup.Ct.) (unreported) - motion to strike
Borg v Pupo (No. 3) (2014) (Ont. Sup.Ct.) (unreported) - motion for default judgment
Kim v Park (2013) (Ont. Sup.Ct.) (unreported) - enforcement of foreign judgment
Mottillo (2017) (Ont. Sup.Ct.) (unreported) - motion to strike and for partial summary judgment
Philip Services (1999) (Ont. Ct. (G.D.)) (unreported) - motion to strike
Northern Uniform (2013) (Ont. Sup.Ct.) (unreported) - opposing motion for leave to bring SJ motion
Schickedanz (2011) (Ont. Div.Ct., single judge) (unreported) - motion for interlocutory stay
TSI (No. 1) (2015) (Ont. Sup.Ct.) (unreported) - motion for Anton Pillar orders and interlocutory injunctions
TSI (No. 2) (Ont. Sup.Ct.) (unreported) - motion to strike