Publications of Peter A. Simm


As author or co-author, Peter A. Simm has been published extensively on issues of law, economics and public policy. (See images below.)

Simm’s publishers include the Ontario Law Reform Commission, the University of Toronto Press, Canada Law Book, Carswell, Emond Montgomery, the Economic Council of Canada, and The Law Society of Upper Canada. His works have demonstrably influenced public policy.

Simm’s publications have been cited in 17 books, 11 academic journal articles, and 6 accredited CPD papers. The syllabi of three university courses have also cited his publications.

Simm co-authored two books with Lisa Feld. These books arose from their seminal study on the use of mediation to resolve complaints against members of Ontario’s self-governing professions, conducted under the auspices of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. The Saskatchewan Law Reform Commission has recommended one of those books, and the U.S. Department of Justice has endorsed the other.

Simm was also sole author of chapters in 3 other books, as well as 3 monographs, and a case comment in the Real Property Reports. Additionally there are 5 other books with chapters co-authored by Simm. The latter include official studies commissioned by the Prichard Federal-Provincial Review on Liability & Compensation Issues in Health Care; and by the Civil Justice Review (aka Osborne Commission). Simm also wrote or co-authored two accredited CPD papers, and penned several newspaper pieces.

Aside from his own publications, Simm has also assisted publications of other authors by providing research assistance to a book, 2 book chapters, and 6 journal articles.