Tort Law


One of Peter Simm’s cases, Unilux  — involving the torts of wrongful interference with contractual relations, inducing breach of contract, and conspiracy — is reported in two hardcover law reports. As well, there is a notable unreported judicial decision, Borg,  granting partial summary judgment based on the tort of conversion. Simm researched and drafted the Factum in both those cases, and both were successful.

Four legal textbooks and four law journal papers on tort law cite Simm’s tort cases.

Simm acted as co-counsel for the Defendants in Torrance, a case involving tort law. Facing a motion to strike, the claims against Simm’s individual clients were discontinued, including $200K claims for the tort of inducing breach of contract.

Although he has never been professionally involved in personal-injury litigation, Simm has substantial experience in researching and analyzing issues of negligence law from a public policy perspective. He co-authored a chapter and authored part of another chapter in an official study for the Prichard Federal/Provincial/Territorial Review on Liability & Compensation Issues in Health Care.

Simm likewise performed research and analysis to assist a study by Prof. M.J. Trebilcock et al.  for the Osborne Commission into Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation in Ontario. The study was subsequently published as a chapter in the book, Tort Law & the Public Interest.