Peter Simm Helps Fellow Ontario Lawyers Win Judicial Review Proceedings


Judicial review is not for the faint of heart. Ontario courts granted a mere 14.7% of applications for judicial review determined in 2017.

Peter A. Simm has a record of winning with both forms of judicial review — appli­cations and statu­tory appeals from tribunals. He has acted for trium­phant applicants for judicial review; for victorious appellants on statutory appeals; and for successful respondents in both types of proceeding. The particular terms of the Court orders embodying his victories have often been exceptional.

Simm’s deep experience with Administrative Law equips him to significantly bolster your client’s chances of prevailing. He offers the following á la carte  services:

•  reviewing the tribunal’s decision and record, and opining as to the advisability of seeking JR

•  identifying and articulating potentially viable grounds for JR

•  drafting a Notice of Application for Judicial Review (or, as applicable, a Notice of Appeal); or, where one has already been drafted, reviewing and revising it

•  researching and drafting the Factum

•  making oral argument in Court as counsel, co-counsel or agent.