Contract Law



Peter Simm’s cases involving issues of contract law are reported in 18 hardcover law reports. There are also 3 notable unreported judicial decisions. In 10 of those, he served as co-counsel or sole counsel. In all cases, he researched and drafted the law portion of the Factum, grappling, where appropriate, with issues such as:

● privity     ● consideration     ● agency     ● non est factum     ● oral agreements

● illegality     ● independent legal advice     ● statutory overrides     ● severability

● contractual interpretation, including:

     ○ ambiguity   ○ prior dealings   ○ contra proferentum   ○ implied terms

     ○ industry custom   ○ related agreements   ○ commercial absurdity

● remedies, including:

     ○ injunctive relief     ○ specific performance     ○ declaratory relief

     ○ rectification     ○ damages     ○ quantum meruit

Simm’s cases are cited in 7 textbooks on contract law – including top Canadian texts by each of Waddams, Fridman and Swan — as well as in 5 accredited CPD papers and a law journal.

Simm has also authored two textbook chapters and a published case comment engaging the law of contracts.

As well, Simm was co-counsel in successfully settling two significant cases involving contract law.