Peter A. Simm

Ontario Appellate Counsel and Research Lawyer

Peter A Simm portraitPeter Simm is a highly exper­ienced appel­late counsel and research lawyer. He helps fellow Ontario lawyers triumph in liti­gation crucial to their clients. Simm offers five cate­gories of services to lawyers:

1.  Civil Appeals

2.  Judicial Review

3.  Complex Motions

4.  Legal Research & Factums

5.  Problematic Pleadings

Unlike most other seasoned litigators, Simm maintains an abiding passion for personally conducting top-quality legal research. However, unlike most research lawyers, he has extensive practical experience not only writing victorious factums, but also making successful oral argument inside the courtroom.

With victories in 18 fields of law, Simm’s cases are reported in 48 hardcover law reports.  His cases are cited in 140 different legal textbooks — including 10 foreign textbooks that rarely cite Canadian jurisprudence. Across Canada, 93 appellate court decisions have cited Simm's cases, including three Supreme Court of Canada decisions, plus two by foreign appellate courts.

Canadian law schools from coast to coast actively teach one of Simm’s Ontario Court of Appeal victories (Amberwood) in mandatory Property Law courses.

Simm’s cases are also cited in 40 law journal papers, and in 37 accredited CPD papers. As well, Law Reform Commission reports in Manitoba and the Australian State of Victoria have cited his cases.

As author or co-author (including 2 books), Simm has been published extensively on issues of law and public policy. His publishers include the Ontario Law Reform Commission, the University of Toronto Press, Canada Law Book, Carswell, Emond Montgomery, The Law Society of Upper Canada, and the Economic Council of Canada.

On April 7, 2015, the popular TV quiz show, Jeopardy! , based a clue on one of Simm's most enduring accomplishments as a lawyer.

Although Simm’s practice of law hasn’t yielded 15 minutes of fame, it has occasionally sparked 15 seconds of notoriety in media ranging from Pravda to the The Wall Street Journal.  This includes the front page of each of The Toronto Star (twice),The Toronto Sun,  and the National Post,all on different dates. Simm’s legal work has been covered in 175 media reports from mainstream outlets in every continent in the world (except Antarctica) — encompassing media in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, UK (including 2 articles in The Times  of London), Ireland, Spain, Italy, Norway, Russia, Angola, India, China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. (Click here for a world map of reportage, or for media reports by place or by topic.)