The Law of Equity



Peter Simm’s cases cases involving the law of equity are reported in 31 hardcover law reports. There are also 3 notable unreported judicial decisions, 2 significant settlements, and 5 noteworthy tribunal decisions.

Simm has written Factums successfully yielding a gamut of equitable remedies, including:

● Anton Pillar orders (on notice!)     ● rectification     ● judicial review

● interlocutory and permanent injunctions and stays     ● specific performance

● declaratory relief     ● accountings     ● quantum meruit  awards     

As well, Simm has devised successful arguments dealing with equitable doctrines such as:

● waiver     ● res judicata     ● issue estoppel     ● unjust enrichment     ● fiduciary duty

In many of those proceedings, he also made oral argument as co-counsel or sole counsel for the party successfully seeking equitable relief.

Simm’s cases are cited in 8 textbooks on equitable doctrines such as estoppel, injunctions, and fiduciary duties, as well as in 4 accredited CPD papers and 2 law journal articles.

Simm authored a textbook chapter engaging the law of equity, originally published in 1998, which he substantially revised for the book’s second edition in 2014. He also wrote a case comment involving this area of law, published in the Real Property Reports.