Peter Simm was co-counsel for the Defendants (Moving Parties) in Torrance  (Ont. Sup. Ct.; settled in 2000).

A former executive sued for damages for wrongful dismissal, and for specific enforcement of stock options (implicitly invoking the doctrine of waiver), including a claim for oppression remedies under the OBCA.

Facing our motion to strike under Rule 21.01(1)(b), the Plaintiff discontinued her claims against the individual Defendants, including $200K claims for inducing breach of contract. The corporate Defendant ultimately settled by paying out only a small fraction of the total quantum claimed, without issuing or transferring any shares to the Plaintiff.

Full cite: Torrance v. 1149318 Ont. Inc. (c.o.b. CCT Logistics). et al.  (Brampton File 00-BN-3887) (Ont. Sup. Ct.) [settled in 2000]. (Co-counsel with C. Chop.)