Simm prevents ORC from implementing proposed fine and suspension against one of North America's largest thoroughbred owners


As outlined in the six media reports below, Peter A. Simm was sole counsel for the successful Defendant in professional discipline proceedings — one of the largest owners of thoroughbred horses in North America — in Schickedanz (2011).

A famous horse of Mr. Schickedanz suffered a highly-publicized tragic accident during a training run at Woodbine Racetrack. Woodbine immediately barred his horses from racing there. At a non-disciplinary ORC hearing, his (previous) counsel unsuccessfully sought to force Woodbine to allow his horses to resume racing there. Subsequently, the ORC’s Executive Director issued (on his own volition) a proposed disciplinary decision which, if implemented, would have suspended Mr. Schickedanz’s licence as an owner for six months. All racing jurisdictions in North America would have automatically honoured such a suspension as against the more than 500 thoroughbreds owned by Mr. Schickedanz.

While keeping the horses running throughout North America without interruption, Simm ultimately negotiated a remarkably favourable resolution of all charges, and the Ontario Racing Commission Panel ratified this. This came after serving as sole counsel for the successful Moving Party (later unsuccessful Applicant for Judicial Review) for several interlocutory stays against the decision of the ORC’s Executive Director. (Further details of this case are set out here.)